To Make Your Freelance Copywriting Business A Success You'll Need Clients. Here's How

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Published: 29th April 2013
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Deciding to become a freelance copywriter is a big step. To maximise the chnces that it's a success you will need to get plenty of clients, which can be difficult task when starting out. It will take months, if not years, to build up a stable client base to keep your earnings at a stable level. So you need to make sure you have sufficient savings to last six months before you get started and you never stop marketing yourself and looking for customers.

These are several ways of obtaining corporations ready to pay for your writing talents:

Contact local agencies which use freelance copywriters

Local marketing and website development agencies can be a goldmine of freelance copywriting assignments paid at a good rate of pay.. Since they are larger enterprises they are going to naturally deal with bigger businesses and brands than you'd be able to reach as a self employed copywriter all on your own. Whilst the bigger agencies might already have copywriters inhouse, lots of the smaller ones will probably outsource business copywriting agency work to a collection of local freelance workers to keep their headcount and costs down.

Local Networking Events

In my experience, your local neighborhood should be where you focus on finding customers for your copywriting expertise. Business owners naturally prefer to do business with those they've met in person. With this in mind, you ought to be out there introducing yourself and speaking to local business owners, face to face, at every chance you get.

If you speak with your local Chamber of Commerce or business support organisations you'll likely find an active business networking scene in your city. Often held over an early morning breakfast in a local restaurant or in a local hotel's function room, networking events are usually fairly relaxed and enable company owners and freelancers to meet each other.

Whilst many business networking events need to be paid for, it’s often feasible to locate free events in your neighborhood. But if you can not find any business networking events in your city or town, then why not start an event of your own? You could create the event on a social networking website, like Meetup, Facebook or LinkedIn. After you have created the event send invites to people you know and persuade them to invite people in their business network and assist one another to obtain additional paying clients.

Look for customers on LinkedIn

LinkedIn is the alternative to Facebook for business professionals. Rather than party photos, Farmville and posting witty jokes, business professionals use LinkedIn as a professional networking tool to link with people they’ve worked alongside with and those they would like to. So it's a wise decision to get involved by establishing a user profile and interacting with people you've worked with before and people you want to work together with in the future.

An appropriate place to start is connecting with friends from your former jobs to grow your network. Together with connecting with people within your field, you can use LinkedIn to find businesses in your local area that you'd like to work together with and might be potential clients.

Pick up the phone

Cold calling companies looking for work might sound like a scary proposition. It might be annoying, but telephoning local firms which could require a copywriter is more effective than just email bombing them. Sending unrequested e-mail is less likely going to get the result you need, unless you want to bother people and be classed a spammer. Making the effort to pick up the telephone, however, gives you an opportunity to speak about your copywriting expertise in a more ethical manner that can grow a relationship and give you the possibility of acquiring some freelance assignments.

As a freelancer you can't afford to relax and wait for enquries to roll in. So rather than sit at home waiting for the phone to ring or for people to find your web site and message you, keep promoting your buisiness to local small businesses to increase your client list and income.

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